2016 Garden Planning

31 Dec 2016 Garden Planning

Garden Planning

Cold weather may still be ahead, but the days are getting longer! While January may not seem like the best time of year for gardening, it does bring its own unique opportunities. It’s a new year, and time for a fresh start! Did you add gardening to your goals for the year? If so, go ahead and get started! Why wait for warmer months? January brings us the shortest and coldest days of the year, but some plants flower at this time almost as if it’s mid-summer. It’s a wonderful time to get started on your planning, researching, reading and more.

Here are our 5 garden planning tips to bring in the new year:

1.  Buy Seeds

Spend time this month browsing our seeds in-store. Buy anything that takes your fancy before the spring rush! These will be much cheaper now and allows you time to plan ahead.

2. Pick Your Color Scheme

Give your garden a designer look this year by colour theming your containers and accessories. Plan ahead so you can keep your eyes peeled for things that fit in with your theme.

3. Plant A Christmas Tree 

Plan a tree now to have for the holidays in 2016. Plant a potted Christmas Tree as soon as possible in January. Select a spot that has well-drained soil, sun, and enough space for your tree to sit comfortably. Then all you need to do is keep it watered and protected until Christmas.

4. Prepare Your Tools

Get all your tools up to speed so they are ready to use when the gardening season gets in full swing. Browse after Christmas and holiday sales to get some deals on tools for next season.

5. Design and Tidy Borders

Get your garden plan ready to go. Be creative and have fun! Just take out paper and a pencil to work out your perfect plan. On existing borders, cut back dead foliage and fallen leaves. Take care of winter damage as it comes so planting season is easier.

Have fun planning, and preparing your garden. Happy New Year!

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