6 Blooming Plants to Grow Inside

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17 Jul 6 Blooming Plants to Grow Inside

Whether you lack a yard, or simply want to add color to your home, any season of the year is the perfect time to add some flowering plants inside. We’ve picked 6 beautiful blooming plants to grow inside that will be easy for you to maintain and a lovely addition to your home décor.

6 Plants to Grow Inside:

Peace Lily: These beautiful plants with white flowers are easy to take care of and tolerate low light. They bloom heavy in the summer, but many showcase flowers throughout the year. They also purify indoor air! But, keep away from kids and pets, as this plant is toxic if consumed. Maybe not the ideal choice if you have cats in your home, but otherwise, enjoy these simple beauties with their alluring tropical shape.

Streptocarpus: This plant blooms almost continuously and with a wide range of colors. It is bright with purple, red, pink or even yellow colors and very easy to grow. This is a good choice for anyone that considers himself or herself a “black thumb”.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus flowers do grow inside, but are for those that want a challenge. They insist on warmth, lots of light, and humidity. But for those who have the courage to grow these beauties, they are one of the most remarkable sights in a home. Some flowers grow to the size of a dinner plate, making a vibrant statement!

Geranium: Varieties like ivy geraniums are easy to grow and add splash of lively color to your home. These plants like bright light, and the more light you give it, the more it will flower. The plant thrives when the soil dries out, so be careful not to over water.

Christmas Cactus: Being a cactus means that they need very little attention to thrive, and work well indoors. While they are called Christmas Cactus, they don’t only bloom during winter. This plant needs 12 hours of darkness to bloom, and so happens they get more darkness in the winter months and tend to bloom closer to Christmas. This makes them happy indoor plants, since they don’t like bright light.

Gerbera Daisies: While these flowers require light most of the day to bloom, they can still do well inside.
Gerbera daisies do well in a window with bright, all-day sunlight in spring, summer and fall. Give them at least three to five hours of direct, morning sunlight, and provide them with afternoon shade for them to survive. Indirect sunlight works for winter months. Although these take a little more effort to work inside, it pays off, as they are one of the few beautiful flowering plants that also clean indoor air, removing harmful chemicals from your home.

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Do you enjoy growing flowers inside? Share your tips with us and favorite flowers to grow indoors!


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