About Bloomtown TV

Stephanie Winslow & Erik Light, Producers,  Bloomtown TV

Executive Producer Erik Light and show creator Stephanie Winslow.

Bloomtown TV is a reality web series and online community created to support the floral / horticulture business and highlights the important work of those working in floristry, agriculture, landscape design, and other related industries.


The series features the colorful characters from growers, sellers, designers, supply chain workers, backyard gardeners and even the end consumers who make the world of horticulture go ’round.


“We believe that flowers form a connection between us – and so do herbs, bushes, fruits and vegetables – that all of these people are working to grow. We want to highlight the ways that they are quietly making a difference for all of us, to shine a spotlight on these folks who are truly making a difference in our quality of life,” said Stephanie Winslow, the show’s creator, and President of FlopaK, a St. Louis-based floral packaging business that serves as the show’s primary sponsor.


The idea for Bloomtown TV was born when Winslow, fresh back from a trip to Europe where flowers are much more ingrained in the culture, met up with Light, a family friend, and they started discussing ideas about how to increase flower and plant sales in the U.S. “Europeans buy, grow, give and enjoy plants and flowers on a daily basis,” Winslow explains. “And as the U.S. is now more interested than ever in growing and accessing their own food and plants from a variety of sources we believed the time was right to create an online community like Bloomtown where people from every corner of society can access the truth they can find in the dirt.”


The show is produced by Winslow’s partner, Erik Light, a gifted director and producer, who is working to capture the human element of the stories in new ways – including flying drones to capture farm aerial shots. He’s working to highlight these industries and their important work from “farm to fork,” showcasing all that it takes for these characters to do their important work.


In summary, Bloomtown TV is a unique multimedia community built around an exclusive online TV show where users can connect and engage with the horticulture & gardening industry in a brand new way. The creators and support team of Bloomtown TV believe that telling the industry’s story using its own talent in entertainment can revitalize consumer engagement with the earth we all share and its fruits.


Watch now & join the community that’s finding truth in the dirt! New episodes are posted every 3 weeks on Monday right here at bloomtown.tv/episodes