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How to Make a Fairy Garden – Bloomtown TV Ep. 5

Some call her a real-life fairy godmother but Naomi isn't confirming or denying. Meet this remarkable woman and join Abby Elliott from Sugar Creek Gardens as they construct a broken pot fairy garden despite a rough start. Experience the "magic...

Container Gardening for the Beginner
Container Gardening for the Beginner

A container garden is a perfect way to enjoy fresh flowers, herbs and produce if you don’t have access to land for planting. Containers are manageable, low maintenance and save space. Here are some of our favorite tips that can...

Modern Wedding Centerpieces
Modern Wedding Centerpieces: More Than Just Flowers!

Garden-inspired centerpieces are great statements that set the scene for the rest of your wedding decorations and a gorgeous reception. Garden centerpieces can be bold, whimsical or traditional. Every season yields colorful blooms of different varieties. Put together unique, fresh and...

Garden Gift Guide for Mother's Day
Garden Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and each year we wonder, “What to get mom?” Honestly, how do you choose a present for a super hero who deserves so much!? We are here to help! If you want to...

Edible Flowers: What You Need to Know

View image | Using flowers in cooking and entertaining is one of the easiest ways to decorate a dish or cocktail. With backyard parties, and Mother’s Day just around the corner, flowers can add a unique touch to make your dish stand...

6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Your Garden

View image | Happy Earth Day! Did you know it is the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day? Let’s honor this day together- the possibilities of doing something for Earth Day are endless! Organize an event in your neighborhood. Volunteer. Go to...

10 Spring Tips for New Gardeners
10 Spring Tips for New Gardeners

“With any project, a little planning can go a long way. A gardener’s case is no different. This is especially true for beginners.” –Ryan Albritton, founder of Sprouthood It’s early spring, and you’re a new gardener. What steps should you be taking to make...