Down the Garden Path


21 Mar Down the Garden Path

By Jen McClure

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in–what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

A garden is indeed a wonderful thing, and as Victor Hugo points out, is meant for walking in. In order to have those flowers at your feet, your garden needs a path. Creating a walkway through the garden can add practicality and visual interest to your outdoor oasis.

Paths can:

  • boost aesthetics by adding interest and varying the textures.
  • keep you out of the mud and dust.
  • give you a way to access plants and flowers without fear of tromping across them.
  • add safety to your garden by giving you more secure footing.

To help you plan your garden walkway as you start to dig in this spring, we’ve compiled just a few of our favorites to inspire you, and some even link to tutorials to get your started on your own garden path:

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Create a quick path with paving forms.

This video tutorial by bzesty demonstrates using concrete paving forms to create a garden path quickly, without the use of sand and rock. This option not only looks great, but it quick and inexpensive! With the addition of different color dies to the concrete pour, these homemade pavers quickly become works of art.

Check out this step-by-step garden paver guide from Bzesty!



Image courtesy of This Old House.

Image courtesy of This Old House.

Use a combination of pavers and stones.

This Old House featured a path made of square pavers outlined with decorative rocks and stones. The stones are embedded in the dirt to create a smooth path. This design also allows makes it possible to build out a wider path by pairing multiple pavers alongside each other.

The choice of materials and design was purposeful by the owner – with the aim of creating a low-maintenance yard she only has to weed a few times per year.


wood-garden-pathRepurpose that tree trunk by creating pavers from the wood.

This blogger repurposed the trunk from a felled tree into wooden pavers for her garden path. Truly, an all-natural materials, the pavers look great in the veggie garden, as shown, but would also look great alongside a cottage, in a wildflower garden, or in a heavily wooded area.


moss-garden-pathMix media to create a natural looking garden path.

Here, landscape designer Cynthia Ferranto planted moss as groundcover around the stones for this shady path. Blue star creeper and thyme are two other options to create cover that holds up to foot traffic. The creeper is often used as a lawn substitute and is known as a “steppable” plan that can withstand foot traffic and remain strong.




Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Repurpose pallet wood for a garden walkway.

Old pallets can usually be had for free and provide great materials for a path. While some gardeners use entire pallets that are raised a bit off the ground, Funky Junk Interiors chose to set the planks along the ground for this walkway.

Whatever pathway you choose, may there be plenty of flowers at your feet and stars above you.

Happy Blooming!


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