Garden Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

06 May Garden Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Garden Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and each year we wonder, “What to get mom?” Honestly, how do you choose a present for a super hero who deserves so much!? We are here to help! If you want to make your mom smile this year, check out our garden-inspired gift guide.

Here are a few of our favorite choices — from ideas for the aspiring gardener to the master. (And don’t forget to spend time with your mom too, or at least give her a call!)

The Aspiring Newbie

  • A membership to her local Botanical Garden. She can spend time enjoying the flowers and fresh air without having to get her hands dirty.
  • Fresh flowers or a plant for her house. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet you picked out yourself!
  • Lavender is a lovely herb that is not only beautiful, but smells wonderful and promotes relaxation. Try a lavender plant, dried lavender for the home, or even lavender syrup we hear it’s great in cocktails!
  • Essential oils are very popular right now and for good reason! These power-packed oils promote healthy wellbeing, smell great, and some even taste great. Start her off with a few basics and a home diffuser.

The Beginning Gardener

  • Maybe your mom has already started her garden, but could use a little help. Offer to spend the day with your mom planting a few of her favorite flowers or herbs together. She will love showing you her expertise.
  • Give her a few plants that are great to start in May. Basil, dill and tomatoes are all good choices!
  • A how-to book for growing vegetables or something she hasn’t started yet.
  • Some new flowerpots! They have a lot of unique ones out there and you could even make a DIY pot for a personal touch.

Garden Guru

  • This master gardener may seem like she has it all, but garden accessories are always needed. Try giving her some new garden gloves, a sun hat, or shovels.
  • Has she always wanted chickens in her backyard? Lend a hand and help her build that chicken coop after all.
  • Take her on a garden shopping spree at your local nursery and spend the day picking out and planting a few new plants.
  • Give her an item to spruce up her garden, maybe a nice bench swing, garden ornament or walking stones.

If you need a little more inspiration Etsy has some great garden themed gifts and William Sonoma listed their favorite gifts for mom this season.

What will you be getting mom this year to show how much you love her? Please leave a comment!

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