How to Care for Your Summer Garden

Tips to care for your summer garden.

29 Jul How to Care for Your Summer Garden

If you live in a climate with long, hot summers, your garden may be suffering from the ill effects of the heat. However, with proper care of your outdoor plants in the heat, the stress can be minimized. Some plants, like succulents, are well equipped for handling the heat with their abilities to conserve water in their leaves. The majorities of plants do not have this luxury and need extra care to survive.

Tips to Keep Your Summer Garden Alive:

1. Additional watering: remember to allow for adequate drainage. Container plants should be watered twice a day.The first sign that your plants are heat stressed is if they wilt. If the plant is ignored after wilting is present, the condition will get worse – leaves will turn brown, crunchy and die.Water in the early morning or evening to avoid evaporation from the sun’s brightest hours. This is also smart to conserve water in general.

2. Mulching: this can help conserve moisture and keep plants cool.
3. Shade covers: especially on vegetables, are helpful. You can also move potted plants to shade during the hottest parts of the day. A short-term solution for a shade cover on plants in the ground, would be an old sheet or dust cloth. Short-term protection should be removed as soon as possible because if the plant gets accustomed to the shade it will experience more stress when the shade is removed.
4. Watch out for wind : Wind dries plants out and if you have a great deal of wind you will benefit from a screen, hedge or other form of fencing.
In the future, try replacing many of your plants that just will not survive no matter what care you give, with heat loving plants. You can always donate your plants that won’t thrive to nurseries, or to botanical gardens as they may have the environment and facilities to care for them.

A few plants that handle heat well ( in addition to succulents) are Black-eyed Susans, Zinnias, Blanket Flowers, Verbenas, Agave, Bamboo, and Tropical Milkweed. Some of these plants don’t even require daily watering.

What are your favorite heat resistant plants? Share with us!

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