Modern Wedding Centerpieces: More Than Just Flowers!

20 May Modern Wedding Centerpieces: More Than Just Flowers!

Modern Wedding Centerpieces

Garden-inspired centerpieces are great statements that set the scene for the rest of your wedding decorations and a gorgeous reception. Garden centerpieces can be bold, whimsical or traditional.

Every season yields colorful blooms of different varieties. Put together unique, fresh and color popping arrangements to stand out. Some of our favorite summer centerpieces this year are created from roses, hydrangeas, fresh herbs and succulents.

  1. Fresh fruit. To give a garden feel to your bouquets add fresh fruit such as strawberries, grapes or visually striking fruits such as dragonfruit.
  2. Greenery. To really add a rich garden feel, add moss to the table, vines throughout the room, and pine and other earthy-scented candles. You can make any inside wedding feel like you are outdoors!
  3. Clever containers. Vintage china, mason jars and rustic vases all make great containers that add personality.
  4. Terrariums. These little ecosystems are very popular right now and the perfect garden-themed centerpiece that you can customize any way you like!

Want more ideas?

Maybe try a floral chandelier hung above the tables! Check out ideas here.

The Knot always has the newest ideas for weddings. Here are their unexpected ideas and garden-inspired centerpieces for inspiration.

Are you adding a garden theme to your wedding this year? What flowers are you using? Share your ideas with us in a comment below!

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