Our Favorite Repurposed Garden Containers

15 Jan Our Favorite Repurposed Garden Containers


Repurposed Garden Containers

While spring isn’t here yet, you can still look ahead and get excited about this year’s gardening season. Something you can do now is take a little time looking around your home, local thrift shops, and neighborhood for repurposed garden containers. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on containers and planters! Poke around and be creative, that’s the fun part!

If you happen to see a container you like, all you need to worry about is proper drainage. With almost anything you can pretty much drill holes, add rocks for drainage and bam you have a container! Think old tires, dressers, jars, tins and more!

Here are some of our favorite repurposed garden containers: 

• Old Toolboxes:

If you have an old toolbox in your garage, it is the perfect place for plants! Think succulents and imagine it inside and out! Just drill a few small holes and add rocks at the bottom for proper drainage.
• Chairs:

Thrift stores always have wood chairs for really cheap! So find an old chair and get to work:

1. Cut out the center of the sea so a pot can rest on the frame.
2. Spray paint the chair and pot a fun color of your choice.
3. Plant!

• Jars and Tins:

When in doubt plant in Mason jars, tea tins or even a muffin tin! Look how cute these ideas are from Country Living.

Credit: Country Living

Credit: Country Living

Pots, Tea Kettles, and Tea Cups:

Old tea kettles and cups make for the perfect planters. They are creative and can be used inside and out! These are really easy to find at antique stores, thrift shops, and probably in your mother’s cabinets. Get inspired with this look from The Bowerbird.



Have fun this month by collecting containers for this year’s garden! Have great ideas or pictures of your repurposed containers! Share with us in the comments!


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