The Japanese Koi Auction – Bloomtown TV Ep. 6

29 Jun The Japanese Koi Auction – Bloomtown TV Ep. 6

Gardens look great with water features and water features look fantastic with fish. That’s why the annual Japanese Koi auction held by the St Louis Water Gardening Society brings out the most interesting plant and fish connoisseurs in Missouri. Set on the edge of Steve and Terry Metzler’s breathtaking garden and Koi pond, the auction is a whirlwind of competitive bidding, colorful fish and equally colorful personalities.That’s where we met Bob Temper and followed him home with the 15 Koi that he purchased this year – a great addition to his backyard garden and pond that we discovered has a special feature that will make you smile.

Each episode of Bloomtown features real-life characters who love, learn and live this business everyday, from growers and sellers, designers and supply chain folks, all the way to the end consumer.

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